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Anthropologist & Consultant.

A leader in the conversation on remote work, digital nomadism and work-life balance.

Helping employers, policymakers and educators to envision, create and navigate the future of work.

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About Me.

I'm an author, speaker and consultant who, even pre-pandemic, was fascinated with society's movement to remote work. My research — on sustaining work-life balance in a rapidly changing and uncertain world — has been featured in the BBC News, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, Time Magazine, Wired, Le Monde, World Economic Forum and The Conversation. My chapter on the global work revolution and the future of work can be found in the book 'The Business of Pandemics: the Covid-19 Story'.

My writing is based on my findings as anthropologist, psychologist and member of the Eworklife taskforce at University College London's Brain Science Faculty. I focus on the quickening global shift to remote work, on digital nomads, and digital self-regulation strategies.

I'm in the unique position of having eight years of continuous research data about the remote work experience. This depth and breadth of knowledge equips my clients to harness the power and pace of progress, rather than getting rapidly left behind.

Who I Help, and How.

Collaborating at Work


By leading organisational design workshops with senior teams, I show how to create and communicate remote worker policies in a way which fosters high staff performance, strengthens company culture, and increases employee engagement, retention and satisfaction.

Business Meeting


When consulted in expert interviews, I use research data on complex cultural trends to inform actionable policy recommendations. This provides policymakers with the opportunity to design legislation aligned with international progress on cross-border working.

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Online Class
University Students


Through guest lecturing, I help the academic community — including other researchers, thinkers, and the employers and policymakers of tomorrow — understand the latest cultural shifts in relation to work, travel and migration.


A recent study by MBO Partners revealed that over 72 million adults in the US alone, intend to become digital nomads within the next 2-3 years. As this rate of  lifestyle adoption increases, vastly accelerated by the recent pandemic, there's a growing urgency for employers, policymakers and educators to understand it fully and respond to it progressively.

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